Bringing In The New Year!

Well, we made it!  2020 was interesting, to say the least.  And now we find ourselves at that magical time of year where we get to reinvent exactly who we want to be.  It’s easier to picture the stronger, more confident versions of ourselves.  And for most of us, that also means making plans to transform into the kick-butt runner we know is living inside of us.  The sky is the limit!  Nothing can stop us!  New PR’s here we come!

Ummmm…but didn’t we say the same thing last year?  For some, 2020 was a year of growth and perseverance, using a tough situation as a catalyst for unleashing their inner beast.  But for many, it was a year of canceled races, recurring disappointment, and a constant struggle to find the needed motivation.  So how do we crash into 2021 like the wrecking ball we were destined to be without fearing that it will be just one big 2020 do over?  The answer is frustratingly simple:


Make the Decision

While we don’t get to determine what the news will broadcast tomorrow or what decisions our government will make, we 100% have the ability to nurture our mindset, lace up our shoes, and DECIDE that we won’t settle for demanding less than our best.  You want to finally set that 5K PR?  DECIDE now.  Still itching to complete that marathon that got canceled last year?  DECIDE now.  Tempted to listen to that little voice whispering that you have what it takes to run an ultra?  DECIDE now.  And once you DECIDE, promise yourself you will never look back.

Will things change?  Inevitably.  Is there a guarantee that your current plan won’t be disrupted?  Absolutely not.  But, guess what?  Just because you may have to take a detour along the way doesn’t mean you aren’t destined to make it to your final destination.  DECIDE who you want to be, put a plan in place, and then stand ready to roll with the punches along the way.  Because you are worth it.  And you have it in you to make 2021 the best freaking year of your life!

Tips for Running Success in 2021

Here are some quick tips to help you along the way:

Choose Discipline over Motivation – Discipline is about doing what needs to be done, whether or not you feel like it.  It will never lead you astray.  And in our current world of constant change, relying on Motivation is a recipe for disappointment.  Check out our previous blog here about Why Motivation Sucks.

Get a Coach or Join a Running Club – I began using a Coach in April of 2020 and the accountability was a game-changer.  If coaching doesn’t feel right, you can plug into a group or club such as Without Limits, The Road Runners Club of America (Wilmington has a great group!) or even a virtual / Facebook group.  If COVID-19 has removed some of your accountability, DECIDE now to reintroduce it.  You won’t regret it!

Sign Up for Events – As with a coach or a running club, events provide accountability.  This may be a sore spot after the seemingly endless string of cancelations in 2020, but we as a community have learned a lot.  Race Directors are planning better.  Contingency plans have been put in place.  Crowds and protocols are being well managed.  Live events will continue to grow but if you still find yourself unconvinced, there are endless virtual opportunities available.  And race directors have gotten extremely creative.  So, find something that excites / scares you, commit to it, and then train your butt off!

Find Joy in the Process – At the end of the day, all the races, PRs, and training miles are simply a pursuit of JOY.  Sometimes we put so much stock in the accomplishments or the finish lines that a change of plans (remember those race cancelations?) can feel like a devastating blow.  But if we can recognize that each day in the PROCESS of moving towards those things offers an opportunity to seek joy and gratitude, then no amount of change has the power to derail us.  It’s about who you are BECOMING.  So, let’s DECIDE to pursue endless JOY in 2021!

2021 Here We Come!

How are you planning to dominate 2021?  I would love to hear from you!

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