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Without Limits/St. Mark/Cape Fear Meet

May 4, 2021

New Hanover County Middle School XC Meet

May 5, 2021
Olsen Park

Ashley High School Home Meet

May 6, 2021
Ashley High School

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Hampstead 4 Mile

May 13, 2021
Hampstead, NC

Stingray Stride Into Summer

May 22, 2021
Virtual Race

Cardinal Strut

June 12, 2021
Wilmington, NC & Virtual Race

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The Runner’s High Vol. 14: Wilmington Marathon – The Return to Racing!

I Couldn’t Help It Joy.  100% pure joy.  That is the only way I know how to describe it.  I was about 7 miles into my 13.1-mile trek of the Wilmington Half Marathon and my senses were nearly overwhelmed as I cruised around the perimeter of...

The Runner’s High Vol. 13: Post Race Blues

It Starts With the High On March 20, I ran the Mission 100K, and it was incredible.  Covering ten laps of a 10K course, it was 62 miles of beautiful, torturous single track bike trail that snaked through Brown's Creek Bike Park in Elizabethtown,...

The Runner’s High Vol. 12: Run Streak Convert – From Hater to Believer

Run Streak? No Thanks. Run streaks.  Why?  I didn’t get them.  I mean, they are cool and all, but the idea of having to run every day just to say I did it never appealed to me.  I have always believed in solid recovery and didn’t feel I had any...

The Runner’s High Vol. 11: The Rise of The Ultras

“You just finished 100 miles, buddy.” Those were Tom Clifford’s words as Russ Leaptrot rounded out his 24-hour effort to win the Southern Tour Ultra Last Man Standing event in mid-January.  Tom has directed plenty of races, but this was no doubt...

The Runner’s High Vol. 10: How to Run Your Best in 2021!

Bringing In The New Year! Well, we made it!  2020 was interesting, to say the least.  And now we find ourselves at that magical time of year where we get to reinvent exactly who we want to be.  It’s easier to picture the stronger, more confident...

The Runner’s High Vol. 9: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Running

One of the beautiful things about running is that it is almost impossible to master.  There will always be room for improvement, new terrain to tackle, unique race formats to explore, and PRs to chase.  And sometimes it can be overwhelming for new...

The Runner’s High Vol. 8: Be Your Own Hero

312 miles.  That is the distance that Belgian runner Karel Sabbe covered over 75 hours earlier this month during the 2020 Big’s Backyard Ultra World Championship.  Just over 3 days of running.  Can you imagine?  Every now and then someone comes...

The Runner’s High Vol. 7: Injury Prevention, 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Running Trails

Oh, the Irony… Just before sitting down to write this blog, I jammed an ice pack inside of a compression sock and slid it over my right leg.  Because earlier this week I managed to strain my calf.  While running.  On trails. I’ll wait right here...

The Runner’s High Vol. 6: Developing Mental Toughness

“Make It Hurt” So…I threw up in the bushes yesterday.  With a tenth of a mile to go in my 8-mile progression run, my stomach revolted, and I ended up freshening up some pine straw with my coffee from earlier that morning.  Darn.  So close.  It...

The Runner’s High Vol. 5: How WHOLE 30 Helped Me Become a Better Runner. And No, It Was Not Weight Loss

Nutrition: The Great Unknown It’s the Holy Grail of fitness.  The search for the perfect diet.  One camp swears that carbs are the answer while another is adamant that animal meat is the secret ingredient.  Should I be vegan?  Or is keto better? ...

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