Following proper race day etiquette is important when making sure that you, and everyone around you, has a great experience! Keep in mind the following tips before your next race, and be sure to share with anyone you know who is about to run their first race.


  1. Line Up According to Your Pace – Larger races will automatically do this by placing you in corrals, but for a smaller race line up towards the front if you are faster, and more towards the back if you are planning to run slower or walk. TIP: Listen to the race day announcer, usually they will tell you when to line up based on your pace.
  2. Walkers Should Start at the Back – If you are not planning on running at all, start at the very back. This is a courtesy to those who are running so they don’t have to try and get around you at the start – this can be very frustrating to other participants. Those with strollers or dogs (make sure they are allowed at the race, many do not permit them) should also start at the back for the safety of those running.
  3. Be Aware of Others – If you need to stop or take a walk break, look around to make sure no one is going to run into you when you stop or slow down. Once it is clear around you, move off to the side to stop or walk so you are not in the way of those running. Pay extra attention when you get to a water or aid station as well.
  4. Run/Walk Two Across Max¬†– If you are participating with other people or are a part of a group, make sure you don’t run/walk right next to each other in a line. This makes it much harder for others to get around you to pass throughout the race, especially if you get to a more narrow section of the course.
  5. Listen to All Instructions – At bib pickup, the start line, on course and at the finish there will usually be important instructions from race officials. These are for your safety, as well as to ensure a smooth race experience for everyone. Most races will encourage you to not wear headphones (some do not permit them at all), but if you do choose to wear them, keep the volume low so you don’t miss any instructions at the race.