Warming up your body and stretching before a race is essential to preventing injury and improving your performance. Unfortunately a lot of people skip these two important steps, especially due to not allowing enough time in between their arrival and the race start. Below is a list of warmups and stretches that are a great way to get your body prepared before the big race!

  1. 5 to 10 minute easy run (to help get your blood moving and loosen up any stiff muscles).
  2. Jumping jacks, lunges, leg swings & knee circles (great additional aerobic/dynamic warmup).
  3. Standing Quad Stretch
  4. Hamstring Stretch
  5. Calf Stretch
  6. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
  7. Cross Legged Gluteal Stretch
  8. Piriformis Knee to Chest Stretch

So remember, allow enough extra time before a race to warm up and stretch – it will not only benefit your body, but your race performance too! (Please note that is is important do the warmups BEFORE the stretches, as stretching first could lead to injury.)