Energy gels are essential for any distance runner or athlete. Check out the Go Time team’s favorite brands and flavors!

Colin: Vanilla flavor from Honey Stinger
“I like any gel that has a lot of caffeine, but Vanilla is my favorite. It tastes like vanilla pudding.”

Michelle: Acai Pomegranate flavor from Honey Stinger
“It tastes like you are eating sugar & honey with a nice fruit flavor. I also prefer the gels without caffeine.”

Thomas: Citrus flavor from Clif
“It’s just the best. I also really like the fact that it has caffeine, but not all runners can handle the caffeine.”

Kaitlyn: Tri-Berry flavor from GU
“I like things that are berry flavored, and tri-berryl is just that with out being too sweet or overpowering. I also like that is one of the flavors that has caffeine in it.”

Heather: Lemon Sublime flavor from GU Energy
“It has a refreshing citrus taste and I prefer gels without caffeine in them.”

Rob: Cherry Lime flavor from GU
“It’s one of my favorites, especially for endurance training or long distance races.”