With winter coming and the days getting shorter, you may find yourself having to run when it is dark out. Or maybe, you just prefer to run when it is dark outside! Regardless, it is important to have the appropriate safety gear during these runs. With so many options out there to choose from, we decided to pick out some of the top rated products. This list can be a great guide if you are shopping for yourself, or if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for the runner in your life!

HEADLAMP: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
Reviewed By: Runner Click
Where to Buy: Amazon
Pros: Affordable, easy to take on and off, waterproof, and multiple settings.

SHOE LIGHTS: Apace Vision LED Running Lights (2 Pack)
Reviewed By: Footwear News
Where to Buy: Amazon
Pros: Includes 4 extra batteries, can be clipped on or strapped, affordable, 3 settings, and water resistant.

VEST: Tracer360 Illuminated & Reflective Vest
Reviewed By: Very Well Fit
Where to Buy: NoxGear or Amazon
Pros: 6 color options, LED lights, rainproof, lightweight, and multiple sizes to choose from for the perfect fit.

HAND HELD: Nathan Running Flash Light Zephyr Fire 100 FX
Reviewed By: My Top Fitness
Where to Buy: Nathan or Amazon
Pros: Front and back light, comfortable and adjustable hand strap, weather resistant, emergency siren for extra security.

ARM/ANKLE BANDS: BSeen LED Running Armbands (2 Pack)
Reviewed By: Runner’s Goal
Where to Buy: Amazon
Pros: For arms or ankles, lightweight, long lasting battery, includes extra batteries, 3 settings, and affordable.