2020 is here! Worried about keeping your running New Year’s resolutions? We are here to help. Below we have compiled some easy steps to help you keep your resolutions going all year long.

  1. Train with a group. Make your workouts fun by exercising with friends, family, or a training group. Training with others is a great way to meet new people and keep your workout enjoyable and exciting.
  2. Cross-train. Find another form of exercise that excites you and build it into your workout routine. Whether it’s another form of cardio, yoga, or strength training; cross-training is a great way to challenge yourself and avoid injury.
  3. Set a routine. Plan your workout schedule beforehand so you prepare mentally and physically. This allows you to properly plan all aspects that go into a great workout, including your diet and sleep.
  4. Set more than one goal. Sometimes having small goals that ultimately allow you to accomplish your big goal helps you stay focused. Setting specific, realistic and measurable goals allows you to see your progress throughout the training cycle.